Steps of Track Me

  1. Getting Started
    Download and Install Track Me from Play Store and register as a new user. Your followers will see your name as you entered while registering. You are going to use your email address and password for further logins. Your phone number is used for you to be visible to other users using Track Me who has your phone number in his/her contacts.
  2. Tracking Yourself
    As long as you turn on your location services, Track Me will track your location and accompanying weather for your lifetime. At the end of a day or a week, or even years later you can revisit your travels and find out where you have been to easily.
    GPS is not a must for Track Me. As long as you have internet and turn on location services tracking will be available. If you want more precise tracking you should turn on your GPS.
    You can add notes and pictures to your current or past location. And please try more fantastic features of Track Me by yourself.
  3. Tracking Your Family
    To start tracking someone you have to send a follow request to him/her. To be able to send a follow request, his/her phone number must be stored in your contacts.
    After your follow request is accepted you can see his/her current location and history.
    You can use alarm feature of Track Me to get notifications when he/she arrives to or leaves from a region you select. And please try more fantastic features of Track Me by yourself.